Disinfection Series-Nano Silver

Nano silver

Packaging: 200g / bottle

The main ingredients:

Nano silver, synergist.


This product is a brown transparent liquid.

Disinfection series-nano silver

Function and use

1. It can effectively inhibit the breeding and reproduction of harmful bacteria, fungi, molds, viruses, spores in water, and it is resistant to antibiotic-resistant bacteria and Vibrio, anaerobic bacteria, E. coli, and golden grape bacteria in water Strong inhibitory effect.

2, strong permeability, repair and regeneration function, reduce the burst of bleeding caused by changes in the water environment, bacterial or viral rotten gills, rotten skin, rotten skin, rotten tail, enteritis, red skin, vertical scales, printing, hepatobiliary ascites (Caused by baculovirus), red mouth, black and yellow gills, rotten eyes, red spots, rotation, water mold and other phenomena.

3. Effectively prevent the death of crustaceans such as white shrimp, crayfish, and prawns, and sea cucumbers from stealing, awning, yellow gills, black gills, red bodies, white spots, jejunum, jejunum, and hepatobiliary syndrome.


After diluting this product with water 2000-3000 times, the whole pool is evenly sprinkled, using 20-30g of this product per acre of water depth; when water quality deteriorates, increase its use, using this product of 50-60g per acre of water depth.

Oral mixing with bait: Add 50g of this product per 100kg of feed.

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