Flance Nano Silver Disinfectant Supplier

product information

Name: Complexed silver disinfectant

Model: FLER-25

Main ingredients: complexed silver particles

Water ratio: 1: 200

Flance Nano Silver Disinfectant Supplier

Cycle: spray once a week, long-term effective

Features: Broad-spectrum antibacterial, lasting effect, can kill more than 650 germs such as Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli

No odor, non-volatile, no side effects on human body;

Small particle size, good dispersibility, colorless and transparent properties, does not affect product appearance;

High temperature resistance, yellowing resistance, and no drug resistance;

The system is stable, without precipitation and stratification after long-term storage;

Stable and reliable performance, low dosage and high cost performance.

Flance Nano Silver Disinfectant Supplier

Product Application Area

1. For the development of antibacterial products, such as antibacterial antibacterial protective film;

2. Disinfectant, replace conventional disinfection water and alcohol, household disinfection protection;

3. Disinfection of factories, hospitals, communities, schools, shopping malls, stations, subways and other dense places.

4. Suitable for large area spraying of drones and prevention of urban diseases.

5. Can be added to water-based coatings, soaps and cosmetics;

6, can be used for processing textile antibacterial finishing aids;

Can be processed into antibacterial lotions or gynecological gels.

Flance Nano Silver Disinfectant Supplier

Product validity verification

This product has been tested by an authoritative third-party testing agency, the Separation Technology Research Institute, and has demonstrated significant killing performance against S. aureus and E. coli

For 2.5 minutes of Staphylococcus aureus, the sterilization rate is greater than 96%; for 7.5 minutes, the killing rate is> 98%.

For E. coli, only 2.5 minutes, the sterilization rate is greater than 99.9%, the effect is very obvious.
Adding binders, curing agents and other auxiliary agents to the nano-silver solution samples prepared by our company in the early stage, and curing to form a film on the surface of EVA, contact the authoritative third-party testing agency Beijing Institute for Analysis Technology to test the antibacterial performance of the sample film.

According to the testing method of GB / T 31402-2015, test its antibacterial performance. The test results showed that the sample film had a bacteriostatic rate of 99.9% against Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 6538P) and E. coli (ATCC 8739). The antibacterial effectiveness of the nano-silver solution proposed in this project was demonstrated. Effectiveness of liquid sterilization.
Nanosilver antiviral example

1. Fight the flu virus,

It is inferred that Wuhan new coronavirus can be inhibited: this highly infectious virus is not very toxic, can die at temperatures above 35 ° C, and can be killed by alcohol. In contrast, hepatitis B virus is more toxic and cannot be killed with ethanol, however, nanosilver can inhibit hepatitis B virus.

The University of Hong Kong LUT research on nano silver anti-HBV replication research found that the use of nano silver particles can effectively reduce the formation of extracellular hepatitis B virus DNA, and the inhibition rate is greater than 50%. It can be inferred that nano-silver can at least inhibit the new coronavirus in Wuhan

US Newsweek website reported on February 11 that Russian scientists have discovered a material that can kill influenza virus. The main component of this material is nano-silver with antibacterial properties, which can be used to defend against coronavirus.

2. Fight against bird flu virus,

3. Fight human immunodeficiency virus (HIV, AIDS)

Nanosilver can effectively inhibit HIV-IIIB or HIV-2CBL-20-induced cytopathy. Studies by Gordon Pedersen of the American Biotech Labs have shown that nanosilver can bind to HIV virus and block the virus from entering cells.

4.Inhibition of hepatitis B virus

5.Inhibition of E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus

6, kill super bacteria

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