Nano Silver Fungicide

Nanosilver has been widely used in life due to its antibacterial properties, including cosmetics, textiles, coatings, aquaculture, animal husbandry, agriculture and so on.

Nano Silver Fungicide

Nano silver refers to the powder of metallic silver particles with a particle size between 1-100mm. The smaller the particle size, the larger the surface area, which makes it have obvious appearance effect, quantum standard effect and quantum tunnel effect, so that nano silver has super activity and permeability, and the bactericidal effect is hundreds of times that of silver.

An antibiotic can kill about 6 pathogens. Nano-silver is a new type of fungicide. Nano-silver fungicide has stable quality, broad-spectrum sterilization (can kill more than 650 bacteria), non-resistance, rapid sterilization, long-lasting effect Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have the same killing effect.

Application fields of nano silver fungicides:

1) Industrial aspects: It can be used to make antibacterial plastic, antibacterial rubber, antibacterial paper, antibacterial ceramic and other antibacterial products.

2) Agriculture: The antibacterial agent has a good control effect on diseases of vegetables, fruits and other crops caused by bacteria such as fungi and molds.

3) In aquaculture: aquatic products can get the best living environment and improve the survival rate of aquatic products. Protect aquatic products from germs during transportation.

4) Animal husbandry: reduce the use of antibiotics and reduce the transmission of bacteria from animals to humans.

5) Daily life: The antibacterial agent has a broad-spectrum, long-lasting and deodorizing effect, and can be widely used for disinfection and sterilization in families and daily life.

6) Pharmaceutical field: It can use its high-efficiency, broad-spectrum bactericidal performance to make various medical and health products.

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